Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 6: Balsamiq

One change that I made to my prototype is that........ I put a navigation bar at the top so that the user can actually go to different pages and not be stuck on one page.
Another change that I made was instead of making extra pages to select the category, I just had tabs so that the user is not changing between so many pages and getting lost.
Those were the changes that I made.

*Note the first save checkbox in animal tab in the read section is the only one that changes. It is meant to show as an example for the rest*


  1. Great job getting your balsamiq prototype up - I've recorded you a feedback video, and here's the text notes I showed there:

    Sami feedback

    1st Prototype

    * BUTTON ORGANIZATION; perhaps all three stacked on top of one another and center-aligned. Two then one is awkward for me. (Severity Rating: 1)

    * HOME SCREEN CONFUSING; just the title of the app and three vague buttons -- Read, Create, and Saved (Severity Rating: 3)

    * BACK BUTTONS; I don't know what to do next, don't want to stay stuck on this screen, I made a mistake (Severity Rating: 4)

    * HOME BUTTON; (Severity Rating: 4)

    * FILTER OPTION MISSING; (Severity Rating: 2)

    2nd Prototype

    * CRAMPED since it's all in one screen (Severity Rating: 3)

    * SECTION STARTING AND ENDING you couldn't really tell where the three sections started or ended. (Severity Rating: 3)


    * SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE (Severity Rating: 1)

    * JOKE VOTING SYSTEM (Severity Rating: 3)

    * ERROR SCREEN handling blank submissions (Severity Rating: 3)

    martin Changes

    1) Navigation Bar
    2) Category tabs

  2. Also, check out the joke databases that are available online: