Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 8: Mobile Implementation Part 3

I am going to be teaming up with Allison Diller to do the “Joke Around” App. We have not finalized the OS we are going to work on, but I think we are leaning towards iOS since Allison owns an iPhone which will allow there to be testing done.

Below is a week schedule, but I am meeting Allison this upcoming Saturday and this schedule will for sure change once we meet and talk. So this is a very rough outline, not the final schedule. Once Allison and I meet, I will post in the comments the finalized schedule.  

*The dates displayed are Saturdays.

Week 1: 3/23 – 3/30:  Start on the Reading section, since we will be creating the lists and the different category tabs.

Week 2 : 3/30 – 4/6: More work on the Reading section if necessary, Start on the Saved section since it is a similar layout as the Reading section.

Week 3: 4/6 – 4/ 13: Continue on Saved section if necessary. Make sure that Reading is finished.

Week 4: 4/13 – 4/20: Start on Create section. Finish Saved section and link it with the Reading section.

Week 5: 4/20 – 4/27: Finish Create section and link it with the other sections . Start on splash page.

Week 6: 4/27 – 5/4:  Put the whole package together, test, and make sure everything operates properly. Fix bugs why it applies.

Week 7: 5/4 – Presentation day: Figure out when we present and use those last days to final testing and modifications

Again this schedule is a very rough outline and will most likely change once I meet up with Allison. I will post in the Comments the final schedule that we agreed upon.


  1. Great start. It's a shame you guys don't have the same phone. You've got a Android right Martin? Maybe I'll have to build an android version for you to test on. Of course if Allison has an iPhone and she's programming for it it makes sense to test there, although in general Android is easier for programming and deployment ... Also, Allison could be developing on an Android emulator without too much trouble ...

  2. Yeah, I am pretty sure that is what we are going to discuss on Saturday. I will bring this up with her when we meet and we will figure it out. Again, I made this as a rough outline and it most likely will change. I will post in this comment section the final schedule that we both agree on.