Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 12: The Options of this App

So after meeting with Allison and getting the update of the app. The two links and pictures below are the interfaces that we will being testing.

Interface #1

This version has the home page with the jokes samples displayed and the user can click on it and go to the page of the full joke.

Interface 1- Home

Interface 1- Joke page

Interface #2

The second version has, as Allison stated, a window shade style. When the user clicks on the joke tab, the rest of the joke is shown when the tab expands.

Interface 2

For the testing plans, I was thinking of having the users try both interfaces (#1 and then #2). I was going to use friends and classmates as the users.  I will be talking to Allison more on the testing later this week.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 11: Progess

So I met up with Allison the other night to have a quick update on the progress of the app. I have been collecting jokes to put on to the app. Also while Allison is getting the basic skeleton rooted and polished I brushing up on my CSS so that I can implement my layouts and color schemes as well. I am mainly just collecting jokes to fill the emptiness of the app when it first starts up. Not that much else to report.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 11: More Patterns

The two patterns that I chose to find examples of were the Pop-up and the Returned Results patterns.

Pop Up

A perfect example of this pattern being used to annoy the user because it is most commonly utilized for advertisements. This screenshot is an example of an advertisement popping up before I can play my game.

Returned Results

The example that I used from what they described to me, was the displays for the different locations of on a map app. The screenshot is of google maps showing where different bars are in downtown honolulu.

Those were the two patterns that I chose and their examples.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 10: The Retry for the Alternative Interfaces

So for the Re-do of alternative interfaces, I have done these two interfaces.

Interface #1

This interface was almost identical to the original idea that I had just more polished. This interface has the three sections that I wanted to focus on.

Each page is dedicated to each of my focus, which are reading jokes, submitting your own, and saving jokes that you really like.

There is a filter throughout the interface that utilizes icons to narrow down the user's preference of jokes that they want to see.

Interface #2

This interface is mainly a different style of the first interface. This interface has only two pages because I thought about combining the submission of jokes and reading jokes into one pages.

Another thing that Allison had thought about was having the film strip transition instead of the button transition. With that change, the user can be reading all of the jokes and then slide right over to the jokes they had sent to their favorites.

This interface allows for a lot more seamless transition for the user and less waiting.

Those are the two alternatives ideas that I was thinking of.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 10: The Grand Master Plan.....kind of

So Allison and I met up today to update each other on our progress. We have a basic Navigation skeleton set up.

By this upcoming week I need to have a finalize global color scheme to give to Allison so that we know what color the different portions of the interface are going to be.

I also am going to be gathering some jokes for our different sections so that we have a nice starting point for the databases.

The last thing that I am going to be working on is icons for the different categories of our jokes.

The final color scheme is the top priority, followed by gathering jokes. The lowest priority out of these is the icon. The reason because Allison and I discussed that she can just have placeholders for the icons while I design them.

That is our progress on my end of this project and Allison will tell you more about the other part of the project.

Week 10: Siging In and Exiting Patterns

The two patterns that I found examples for was the Sign On design and the Exit Guard design.

Sign On Pattern

When reading about the sign on pattern. I thought of every online accounts that I have (Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Blogger, etc.). Here is a perfect example of a sign on design.

Exit Guard Pattern

I noticed this pattern every time, I am pushing the back button out of my applications. Here is an example of the exit guard in one of my game apps.