Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reasoning on taking MULT 4702

First and foremost, I am taking this class because my major requires me to take this class in order to graduate.

Okay now that thats out of the way, I as very excited when I saw that I was taking a mobile design over a plain old capstone portfolio. Mobile design I feel is more current on the type of technological entertainment that the public enjoys right now. I am a testament to that. When I first got my smart phone, I had to wait in a long line for movie tickets and i had just downloaded some games on my phone. Usually when i did not have my smart phone I would stand in line and keep thinking that the line is taking too long. But this time, I did not even realize how close to the front of the line I got because i was playing a game to occupy my time.

I have also realized how helpful the smart phones can be because when I was on a hike right before dawn to catch the sunrise on top of a mountain, i used a flashlight app to light the way. We had been idiots and planned for the everything except for the darkness and that app on my phone helped out a lot.

I feel that that this class is dealing with current technology and is more something that I would want to learn to give the public entertaining things.