Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 12: The Options of this App

So after meeting with Allison and getting the update of the app. The two links and pictures below are the interfaces that we will being testing.

Interface #1

This version has the home page with the jokes samples displayed and the user can click on it and go to the page of the full joke.

Interface 1- Home

Interface 1- Joke page

Interface #2

The second version has, as Allison stated, a window shade style. When the user clicks on the joke tab, the rest of the joke is shown when the tab expands.

Interface 2

For the testing plans, I was thinking of having the users try both interfaces (#1 and then #2). I was going to use friends and classmates as the users.  I will be talking to Allison more on the testing later this week.


  1. if you have your classmates and friends try both interface be careful to randomize the order in which you present them in order to avoid introducing a systematic bias into your study.

  2. Ok, Thanks for the heads up on that.