Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 10: The Retry for the Alternative Interfaces

So for the Re-do of alternative interfaces, I have done these two interfaces.

Interface #1

This interface was almost identical to the original idea that I had just more polished. This interface has the three sections that I wanted to focus on.

Each page is dedicated to each of my focus, which are reading jokes, submitting your own, and saving jokes that you really like.

There is a filter throughout the interface that utilizes icons to narrow down the user's preference of jokes that they want to see.

Interface #2

This interface is mainly a different style of the first interface. This interface has only two pages because I thought about combining the submission of jokes and reading jokes into one pages.

Another thing that Allison had thought about was having the film strip transition instead of the button transition. With that change, the user can be reading all of the jokes and then slide right over to the jokes they had sent to their favorites.

This interface allows for a lot more seamless transition for the user and less waiting.

Those are the two alternatives ideas that I was thinking of.


  1. Great work coming up with two alternatives. I'm having a little trouble understanding the main differences between them. The big difference seems to be the presence or absence of tab navigation. In #1 I can see my read|submit|favorite options at the top. I'm also confused by the difference between the "create" and "submit" options - are they the same?

    In #2 I guess that we have the submission form on the left and the general read screen on the left. So I start to get that the big difference is whether the jokes stay on screen when you are doing submission.

    Do you have some particular motivation for either approach? Is finding out which people prefer something that interests you? Which do you think most people would prefer?

    One of my main concerns about the app in the way you currently draw it is that the tab options are incredibly small. Check out the Tab Menu Navigation Patterns from the mobile pattern design gallery. The majority of them have icons or just larger fonts to make them easier to hit with your finger on a touch screen phone.

    The size that you are drawing the tab options looks like something from a web page that you would hit with a cursor ...

    You mention that interface #2 would mean less waiting? You mean less waiting for a new screen to load? That sounds a little like premature optimization. With the right kind of webapp all the screens would be pre-loaded.

    Anyhow, I'm really pleased to see you develop these two alternatives. I think the question you are potentially asking is whether it is helpful to see the other existing jokes when you are entering a new joke. That would be a great thing to test ...

  2. Hey, Dr. Joseph. Just watched the video of you and allison talking about the app. The notes that I had from the video is that yes the film strip overall interface was the main thing that I was going off of. Also in my post, i meant faster by less time spent pressing buttons to get to the same location in the app.

    For the problem with the submit and create section. They are both the same thing and I just was in the zone of the post and did not realizes that i did that till you said that.

    In the video you and Allison had discussed the decision of having the jokes expand as you touch them or if they get their own page for it. A suggestion that I had thought of is based off viewing photos in facebook, where when the user clicks on the photo, the photo expands to be bigger, and the user is not transported to a new page.

    Lastly, you and Allison had discussed leaving out specific aspects that are not essential for the program to make sense. I will discuss this with Allison as well to get her take on it. If she wanted to have less to program, we can leave the filter icons out so that we get a whole working app and then if we have time add it on after.

    I will be on skype tomorrow morning (Apr. 14) for me. Sorry for not being very communicative with you and allison this past week. A lot of things that are coming up