Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 11: More Patterns

The two patterns that I chose to find examples of were the Pop-up and the Returned Results patterns.

Pop Up

A perfect example of this pattern being used to annoy the user because it is most commonly utilized for advertisements. This screenshot is an example of an advertisement popping up before I can play my game.

Returned Results

The example that I used from what they described to me, was the displays for the different locations of on a map app. The screenshot is of google maps showing where different bars are in downtown honolulu.

Those were the two patterns that I chose and their examples.


  1. Nice choices! What's that game there?

  2. It is called Smash (as you can see lol). It is the game like Pong, but with the pad and you hit the ball at bricks to clear them.