Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 8: Mobile Implementation Part 2

Heuristic Evaluation

My heuristic evaluation was on Allison Diller's scoring app. The video Below is my evaluation and the text is what I touched on in my video.

Visibility of the System Status

The main thing was the How To page that will keep the user informed on what game the app keeps track of. This will allow more experienced players to explain the rules to new players easier.
Rating: 3

Match Between System and the Real World

Being able to change the position of the players will help because sometimes people change seats between games or new players replace previous players.
Rating: 2

Being able to change the number of players will help if more people want to play. Plain and simple.
Rating: 1

Having a new game and previous game button will allow the players to continue an already established game from another time.
Rating: 2

User Control and Freedom

Back Button needs to be put in so that the user can fix a mistake that they made.
Rating: 3

The X button can become the home button so the user can restart a game if they desire.
Rating: 3

Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

A adding/subtracting button on the sides of the inputs with allow users to input score faster.
Rating: 1

Another suggestion is instead of a selection of numbers to input, just have the user input the number they want with the use of keyboard.
Rating: 1

A finished button and a next round button will allow the user to proceed to the next roundor a finish a game quickly.
Rating: 2

1 comment:

  1. Great evaluation Martin. Very pleased to see all the HE elements categorized and rated. The one big thing I would change is to ensure that when you video you include a screen capture of the actual thing you are evaluating, e.g. in this case the balsamiq app. Where you using ScreenCast-O-Matic? That makes it easy to capture face and screen at the same time.

    However you did extremely well to review all the existing evaluations first - that's really commendable. You're continuing to do great work - really looking forward to your JokeAround app!