Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 8: Mobile Implementation Part 1

Composition Patterns from

The two patterns that I chose were the Interstitial Screen and the advertising. 

Interstitial Screen

This Screenshot was taken on a mobile game app that I downloaded some time ago. A quick explanation of the game is that the user is trying to drive a car far as they can before a zombie horde catches it. The user can earn the game's currency on each ride and has an upgrade screen for the car.  When I launch the app, it takes me to the upgrade screen. When i have done all of my upgrades and I select ride in the bottom right corner, this screen comes up because it is loading all of the apps's properties. 


This Screenshot is from one of the joke apps that I was researching for my project. There are plenty of apps that have advertising similar to this style, but I just immediately remembered that this app had the perfect example. The advertisement is at the top and the user can choose to ignore it. But if they are interested in the product that is being displayed, they can diverge from their current activity and explore the ad.

Those are my picture examples of the two composition patterns from There will be a Part 2, which is the Heuristic Evaluation, and Part 3, which is the plan of attack for this app.  

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  1. Great examples, Martin. No need to call these blog posts part 1, 2 and 3 - a professional blog would give each it's own unique title to reflect their different themes unless they actually naturally followed on from one another :-)