Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 9: Testing Ideas

Before I started this post, I went over to Allison's post to see what she had to say on the subject. After reading the post, I realized that everything that I was going to write about testing, has already been said.

I agree that we need to have a pilot study of a small group of people to see if there is any immediate problems that happen. We have to then ask the questions of time spent in a specific section of the app, how long can we retain their attention, and of course where does the app fail.

I also agree that after finding the answer to those problems, to expand the amount of participants to ensure that the problems do not arise again. 

Again I do agree that we need to have those follow up questions of simplicity and functionality. The one thing that I would add to the questions is visual appeal. Does the app have visual appeal?

Other than that question, I totally agree with what Allison said for the testing.


  1. Glad to see that you and Allison are on the same page. Do check out my comment on her post though, in particular, one of the things to keep in mind though is that rather than testing the app, you should test a hypothesis about the app, using two or more alternatives.

    For example, you might say that you believe that one navigation style will be more effective than another, or one data layout might be more appealing than another, and then test that hypothesis with two alternative interfaces.

    Try to avoid just making one thing and then testing that. Try to ensure you have two things that you can make a comparison between.

    1. ah so like styling differences for the user to choose.