Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 5: Evaluation

Sami and I decided to meet up in the computer lab to evaluate each other's prototypes. Here is the list of issues from evaluating Sami's prototype and my hopefully constructive advice:

  • The button set up could be improved even more on either version by having the Previous and Next Fact button close to the facts  and have the other buttons close to the bottom.
  • I also expecting that when the first page would open up that it would have the current date and a fact right off the bat, but it was the just the date and a prompt of whether they want to get a fact. I feel that if the user has this app, they understand that they are going to get facts, so why not just skip the opening prompt and just go straight into the facts of that day. 
  •  Also some days might not have as many facts as other days so it would be helpful if on the date that they have pulled up, a counter of how many facts are for this date.
  • A suggestion is to add small pictures that relevant to the fact that is being displayed.

I kind of already said my positives and negatives in the bullet points, but i feel that it would be a fun app to have. It would also be a go conversation starter with people to break the ice. I made the suggestion of jumping right into the facts is so that a person can quickly access them if they cannot remember a fact of the day.

Here are our videos:

Sami reviewing mine

I am reviewing Sami's


  1. Great videos! Good analysis, but I had been hoping you might give each UI issue a severity level (1-5) and say which Nielsen Heuristic each issue corresponds to ... perhaps you might be able to revise the post to take that into account?

  2. BTW, you mentioned in the video you have an internship - I love the whole joke around app - hope it can get made, but I wonder if we might free up some time for you if we could find an overlap between this class and your internship ...