Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 2: Brainstormed Ideas

Brainstormed Ideas

  • TV channel app
    • Tells the user the exact channel for any show
  • Fish species app
    • tells the user fish species in a picture that was taken (target: marine science)
  • Hiking trails app
    • shows the locations of trails with distance of trails, photos, and reviews
  • Fast food nutritional facts app
    • a database that shows all the nutritional facts of any fast food place
  • Bus app
    • shows the route of buses in a specific city, time tables, and possible GPS location of bus
  • Financial app
    • a checklist that helps keep a constant update on a student's financial aid. eg) deadlines, forms, sites, etc.
  • Parking spot app
    • shows user parking garages near them based off GPS location and shows information like rates
  • Landmarks app
    • shows locations of historic landmarks based on GPS location
  • List app
    • allows the user to create a list for specific tasks. eg) groceries, office supplies, schedules, etc
  • Engine data app
    • if phone connected in car, will save engine data on phone to show to mechanic. eg) oil pressure, etc
  • Insurance company damage app
    • allows user to evaluate damage of car based off a picture that user takes.
  • Accounting app
    • allows the user to keep track of income, expenses and balances
  • Symptoms app
    • user inputs medical symptoms and the app displays possible conditions they are in 
  • Comic strip app
    • database full of Sunday comic strips
  • Snowflake app
    • a mini game that user "cuts" out a paper snowflake
  • Inspirational app
    • everyday this app has a inspirational quote.
  • Joke app
    • databases of all sorts of jokes
  • True or False app
    • a mini game that has a bunch of true/false questions about anything and everything
  • Sci-fi soundboard
    • contains a large array of soundboards from sci-fi films
  • Idea app
    • user inputs a category and it gives a lists of project ideas for that category

List app
- The app seems simple but allows for the user to be efficient with their time of be organize

Parking app
- One of the main problems that my friends and I have when going to a new place is finding parking garages.

My main focus on these apps were college students and my users were mostly my friends and a big help was my roommate. There is a picture of him analyzing the setup.

My main insights from this is that the List app is good just they felt like it was a little basic, but that they could see what i was imagining it and where it could go. For the Parking app, they liked it just that again it seemed basic.

Below is my photos of the prototypes and of my roommate (Sorry for the disarray. I was struggling with the insert image tool and with the alignment settings on the pictures).



  1. I like the parking idea...I hate not knowing a parking garage's prices until I actually pull up to the gate! Wouldn't it also be cool if this could provide information as to whether the garage was full or not? Or even whether the parking was a lot versus street versus a garage. This could be quite intense!

  2. Great to see big list of brainstorms, although I get the sense you were brainstorming apps in general, rather than particularly those for waiting in line, although am I wrong? The insurance company app sounds useful, but not something for waiting in line?

    Of course at the end of the day if you're brainstorming who cares - let the ideas flow. I'd much rather have a wide range of ideas than a shorter list all about waiting in line. The waiting in line idea is to give people a starting point, but at the same time, you want to take care to identify what's being requested in an assignment - not that following the letter of my assignments matters in the scheme of things, but out in the world of work and real life, understanding what people are requesting tends to be pretty critical :-)

    Organizing images in blogger is a bit of pain - maybe we can track down a nice gallery app with sequencing ... did you get any sense of any confusions on the parts of the users you showed your app to? Or did they immediately know what you were showing them, or did you have to explain?

    1. I was trying to think of things to occupy my time in a line, but everything that I thought of was already done and the very least twice so I started going for things that would make daily life easier. Most of the people thought that app was pretty simple.

  3. Understood - great that you expanded on the original assignment to brainstorm on another area, i.e. "making daily life easier", although when you do that, please add a note to break up your list of brainstorms to give some sub-headings like "waiting in line ideas" and then "daily life ideas". Also note, that you weren't required to make every idea an app as such. It could just be an activity, and then worry about whether it could be an app later. When you say things were already done - that's not a problem for these assignments.

    When you say people thought the app was pretty simple, you mean they immediately understood what the app was for without any explanation on your part? Would love to discuss these things with you on Skype text chat - I guess we're not awake at the same time, or do I recall you saying that Skype sucked up your computer power - does it run on your smartphone?