Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 3: Needfinding

I chose to observe my friends in managing the due dates for their school assignments. I want to improve this because I know the experience of being caught off guard from remembering at the last second the deadline of an assignment. I want people to always be informed about things like that since there are usually very important to remember.

Denzel: His system of remembering due dates is like a word of mouth system. He usually asks his peers in the class what is due in the class and what day it is due. Also if he is nervous on whether he has anything due and his classmates are not around, he looks at the syllabus that the teacher provided.

Denzel texting a classmate about an assignment
  • A constant reminder of the assignments from classmates
  • Never has to personally remember it because of classmates

  • When not around classmates (ex. weekend), if assignment is due next class, possibility of forgetting deadline
  • Can possible suffer when the assignment requires a lot of time

Bijan: The system that Bijan uses is writing it on a whiteboard in his room. When an assignment due date is announced, the assignment is written on the board. The assignment is taken off when the assignment is finished. The board is located right next to his bed.

Bijan checking his board for any assignments
·         A constant reminder on the board and at home
·         Can organize it and prioritize assignments based on due dates and workload for each assignment
·         Writing it on the board is another way of keeping it in your mind
·         Board allows for changes and additions


  •  Is most effective when at home, when not at home possibly of forgetting
  • Still has to write the assignment down in class so that it can be easily  transferred to board at home


1. An app that gives reminders every day of assignments due for the week
2. An app that is like a board where the person types or talks in the assignment with due date
3. A calendar app that is takes the idea of a white board display for each week
4. An app that lists all of the assignments due for the week with a number rating on the amount of time required for it
5. An app that does a countdown for assignments in a list
6.  An app that has classmates’ information for each class, so that one can get in contact with people from their class
7.  An app that is like a student planner
8. An app that lists the assignments in chronological order and as the assignment gets closer to the due date, the screen starts to get a red tint to it and as the date gets closer the tint gets more saturated.
9.  An app that does a type of notifications symbol that appears in the corner of the phone’s screen like on Facebook.
10. An app that anytime the user unlocks their phone, the app will prompt like a dry erase marker on glass across the user’s phone with the list of assignments that are due this week.

1.       The calendar apps in that come with phones. I understand that every phone comes with this, but sometimes they get confusing and are not simple.  I want the user to go into an app like the default calendar and be able to right from the start be able to create due dates and delete them with little to no effort.
2.       Facebook event tab. The layout of the event tab on Facebook allows the user to see all the events going on in the week in chronological order or in a calendar fashion that way the user can see the entire month.
3.       Actual class syllabus. I want to give a student a syllabus that they can access on their phone, organize, and have constant updates.
4. This website helps people who do not know HTML code very well and it allows them to create a site. The steps in creating the site are very easy with and the user can add and subtract things from the site without frustration.
5.       PDAs. I want to make my phone like a PDA since I always have my phone on me at all times. I want people to have their information at their finger tips.

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  1. Great selection of an activity to observe. Very close to all of our hearts. Excellent photos, they really well illustrated the successes for these users. Ideally we'd be seeing some of the breakdowns too, although I can see that it's hard to capture precisely the moment of breakdown here, since capturing the point at which the individual is missing an assignment deadline is kind of hard :-)

    I'd really like to adjust the class assignment tracker to fire out assignments or provide you a quick way of being able to see upcoming deadlines on your phone. Have you tried looking at this link on your phone:

    Also you haven't checked whether you are happy for your blog to be featured in my weekly video feedback. If you'd rather stay low profile that's just fine, but I worry that maybe you just haven't seen that element of last week's assignment, and if you thought about it you'd be happy to share, since I'd love to highlight your insights and ideas to the class.

    Also, I'd be really grateful if you could add me to your blog so I don't have to type in a spam captcha each time I'm posting a comment to your blog :-)

    1. Dr. Joseph sorry about replying back so late, but I am fine at anytime if you want to use my blog posts on any of your lectures. My weeks are always crazy and as soon as i have been getting to finish one assignment, 3 more come on to my plate.

    2. Also i have been trying to figure out how to add you and i keep coming to dead ends, if you could tell how that would be great

    3. Hey Martin, no worries - thanks so much for the video permission. Sorry to hear you are stuck on adding me - here is a link that explains I'm . Totally understand about being overwhelmed with assignments. Is there anything I can do to help? Email reminders ...?

  2. Wow - I don't think I would have thought of that many ways to keep track of due dates! I agree - the "standard-issue" calendars aren't always inherently useful. You could even use an app where you would start a timer when you were working on a specific project. Not only would the app be able to keep track of your time investment, but if you were neglecting an upcoming assignment, it could focus your attention.