Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 4: Prototyping

STEP 1: Direction
I want to make something that allows for the user to share funny jokes, anecdotes, or trivia facts with other people and for the user to receive these as well.

STEP 2: Versions

People are always waiting in some sort of line.
Sometimes waiting in line is stressful and one way to relieve it is by jokes
They use an app that will give them a joke of the category they chose

They enjoyed the joke, so they to the next one.
The next one, they feel is so funny that they have to save it
So they save it and after reading that joke, they are reminded about a joke that they want to share

So they write down the joke select a category and then submit it.
All of the jokes are anonymous.
But the user must select one of the categories so as to group similar jokes and separate jokes that are PG rated from the R rated ones


People are always waiting in some sort of line
One way of passing the time in the line is by distracting yourself
So the person in the line needs something to distract themselves with

They are big on trivia facts and usual facts
There happens to be an app that has all sorts of facts like that
So they read one

And another….
And another...
And another. They look up and they have one more person and they will then get their copy of the latest videogame.

STEP 3: Prototype Versions



STEP 4: Video

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  1. Great storyboards - as you might have guessed I love the whole joke concept. Unfortunately your "direction" was not quite the point of view I was looking for. Your "direction" describes the app you want to build, not the problem/opportunity you want to address, which from the storyboards seems to be that waiting in line shouldn't be boring, and that you should provide activities to keep them entertained.

    Well done on the two prototypes. Great that you're exploring two types of navigation - it feels like the second single screen app would be better suited to tablets and the former multiple screen be better suited to small smartphones perhaps ...

    Do check out what other existing joke apps there are on your smartphone if you find yourself waiting in line and I'm looking forward to using the finished version of this! :-)

    Also, to add me to your blog please see this link on how to add people to your blog:

    and please add me ( so I don't have to type in any more captchas :-)